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Teen Wolf AU - Allydia in Scifi

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s3 fangel (requested by: anon)

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Just gonna sit here and ship Fangel, Spuffy, Fuffy, Spaith, Spangel and Bangel all at the same time.

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Faith/Angelus: ”Where’s my girl?”

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"Sure that popcorn’s gonna be enough for you?"

"Yeah, I can live off the stuff."

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It still irritates me so much that we never got her background, but we got Crowley’s. She’d been on Spn since season 1, the beginning, but we learned more about Crowley, his human name and where he came from, how he got to hell, even though he wasn’t even introduced to the show until season 5…
And Meg was so mysterious a character! Back when she possessed Sam she says she has had many names. So who is she? Originally? What was her name? Where is she from? How old is she? What century is she from? How did she end up in hell? Did she sell her soul too? And if so, what for?
"You don’t know Crowley."
That’s another plot the writers never delved into either. How does she know Crowley? How did they meet and become enemies? She says, “Crowley is ALWAYS the problem.” What is their history together, huh? What happened between them? I wanted to know all of this! I kept waiting and waiting and every time I saw Rachel Minor’s name show up, I thought, this is it. This is the episode we learn about Meg and who she really is. I cannot believe they never ever took the opportunity to delve into the longest running villain and female character on the show. Blows my mind.

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